ting Started with Male Chastity Cages


When a man chooses to become a part of the chastity community, one of the first things that typically happens is the introduction to male chastity cages. This is one of the most often used items when it comes to training and preparing to enter a life of chastity. The reason that it is the first device used in the beginning is because of the ease of use as well as the effectiveness that it offers. Chastity cages are simple devices that are shaped like miniature cages. They come complete with a little door and a lock with a key to it. These cages are made in different sizes so that they can accommodate all sizes of penises.

One thing that is vital when getting used to male chastity cages is that the size of the cage is correct. A wrong size can be very ineffective as well as coming along with the danger of harming the penis. For example, a cage that is too small can do certain unpleasant things such as cutting off the circulation to the penis. The cage can become stuck in some ways and it can be next to impossible to remove without having some sort of device that will cut through metal. On the other hand, a cage that is too large causes its own set of problems. Most of these issues, however, have to do with the ineffectiveness because if the cage is too large, it will allow the penis to get a random erection. It might also just all off of the penis.


Male chastity cages are the ideal training tool for men just entering the chastity lifestyle, but it is important that they are used in the correct manner. That is why it is usually a good idea for men to undergo training from a professional in the art of living chaste. These trainers can show you the right way to use chastity cages and why they are the best devices to help lead a man on his way into chastity. Now you will understand why cages are the most often recommended training devices and can be a bit more cooperative when one is handed to you in the beginning of your training.