Collecting Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages are items that have a very specific purpose. This purpose is to help keep men on the right track when they have entered into a chaste contract. They are miniature cages that fit right over the penis and are then locked into place. It is the most often used device when it comes to chastity training because it is very effective in making these submissive guys behave themselves and push away all thoughts of those pesky random erections. If you have any questions about how well these cages work in keep submissives in their places, all you have to do is try one out for yourself. See how quickly you feel like getting an erection with that cage on you and you will completely understand.

The other thing about male chastity cages is that they are rather fun to collect. This is an activity or hobby that various people have begun undertaking in recent years. You know that anything can be turned into a collection if there is sufficient interest. Chastity cages have become quite interesting over time and even more recently as more people are interested in the chastity lifestyle. They are created from different types of metal as well as leather and other kinds of material. This helps the cages to be even more exciting and interesting than they have ever been. It may very well be that this is what has drawn the attention of collectors to something as unique as chastity cages.

Both men and women have begun collecting male chastity cages and are rather proud of them. They love it when guests see these cages and want to know more about them. It gives them an excuse to show off their collections and to offer some history behind the cages and what they mean. To those people that are not familiar with chastity cages find them to be both fascinating and naughty. It really is something that cannot be understood unless it is explained. Once that information is out there, though, it does tend to tweak the interest of the newly informed. Collections can accomplish this very quickly.

Holiday Decorations for Your Male Chastity Cages


Something that is a bit quirky for the holidays that Key Holders might decide to do for their submissives is to decorate their male chastity cages. This is directed at the Key Holders primarily because the submissives are not going to be allowed to take it upon themselves to decorate their cages. For one thing, they would need to obtain permission for their cages to be decorated and that permission might be hard to get. On the other hand, the Key Holders might just allow this decoration project to happen as long as the submissives are decorating as they are instructed. However, once the process gets under way and is understood by everyone; it is something that can be done for all holidays and/or special occasions.


To begin with, it can be rather simple to decorate male chastity cages in the theme of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cutout turkeys can be created and attached to the cages in a cute and festive manner. Christmas can bring all sorts of new ideas. Tiny little ornaments, much like charms that are bought for bracelets and necklaces, can be hung from the bars of the cages. Some careful planning might even allow some tiny twinkling lights to be attached to the cages. Just imagine how that would look especially in the dark. Halloween can have witches, ghosts, goblins and all sorts of other little homemade creatures can be added to make those cages a little mysterious and spooky.

It is very possible that there are some Key Holders in the world that might have already begun the practice of adorning the male chastity cages of their submissives. Those are some very imaginative and creative Key Holders, too. What is even more fun to add to this process is to instruct the submissives to show off their new decorated cages. This can be done at private parties given by the Key Holders or simply at home when guests arrive. Of course, the guests will need to know ahead of time that the submissive does, indeed, wear a chastity cage and what that lifestyle is all about. Otherwise, they will be rather shocked when a fully naked man with tiny twinkling lights adorning his penis answers the door.

ting Started with Male Chastity Cages


When a man chooses to become a part of the chastity community, one of the first things that typically happens is the introduction to male chastity cages. This is one of the most often used items when it comes to training and preparing to enter a life of chastity. The reason that it is the first device used in the beginning is because of the ease of use as well as the effectiveness that it offers. Chastity cages are simple devices that are shaped like miniature cages. They come complete with a little door and a lock with a key to it. These cages are made in different sizes so that they can accommodate all sizes of penises.

One thing that is vital when getting used to male chastity cages is that the size of the cage is correct. A wrong size can be very ineffective as well as coming along with the danger of harming the penis. For example, a cage that is too small can do certain unpleasant things such as cutting off the circulation to the penis. The cage can become stuck in some ways and it can be next to impossible to remove without having some sort of device that will cut through metal. On the other hand, a cage that is too large causes its own set of problems. Most of these issues, however, have to do with the ineffectiveness because if the cage is too large, it will allow the penis to get a random erection. It might also just all off of the penis.


Male chastity cages are the ideal training tool for men just entering the chastity lifestyle, but it is important that they are used in the correct manner. That is why it is usually a good idea for men to undergo training from a professional in the art of living chaste. These trainers can show you the right way to use chastity cages and why they are the best devices to help lead a man on his way into chastity. Now you will understand why cages are the most often recommended training devices and can be a bit more cooperative when one is handed to you in the beginning of your training.