The Evolution of Male Chastity Cages


I have noticed the surge in male chastity designs being made over what used to be around when I got involved in chastity. It was a few decades ago that I became a part of this lifestyle and there weren’t too many options available for a guy like me. I also had to order them from a catalog through the adult store downtown. This was back when an adult store was the one place in town that you didn’t want anyone seeing you walk into. I kind of miss those days, but it is nice to have the option to order things online now.


I haven’t worn any of the newer male chastity devices as of yet and, to be honest, I am a bit nervous about that. They all seem so complicated from what I used to wear all those years ago. I know that they are supposed to be easier to get on and off these days, but to an older man like  myself; it doesn’t look that easy. I think it might have to do with so many different options as to why they look so complicated. Back when you only had a choice between like ten different devices, they all looked pretty similar but not anymore.

I am excited to think that there are more guys wearing male chastity devices these days, though. Back in the day, I was pretty sure that no one in the town I lived in wore anything like this. I figure that if they did, then there would be some of them in the adult store where I shopped. But with all the options that you can find online, I know that there are plenty of guys in the world wearing them now. It just really amazes me that something I felt inclined to keep secret is now so wide spread.