Male Chastity Cages and my collection



I started my collection of male chastity cages like most first timers who are new to male chastity training with the purchase of a plastic cock cage. As far as male chastity cages go the plastic cages are effective but also kind of vanilla that is on the boring side. They do the job keeping your cock safe from any unauthorized sex but both visually and the way they feel physically leaves many guys myself included looking for more. Most men I know who practice male chastity switch at some point to metal male chastity cock cages. There is such a huge selection of styles available and they are so much more of a substantial feel to them. I must have over a dozen different stainless steel cock cages. My wife likes me to wear a different one every week. The only time I find myself using the plastic cages is when I travel.




Male Chastity Cages Just for the Fun of It


Male chastity cages are typically used by men in the chastity lifestyle. They are not usually meant to be used for fun but, lately, it seems that this is one of the purposes that have been granted to these cages. If you are not familiar with chastity cages, they are devices that look like miniature cages. They are meant to be slipped over a man’s penis and locked into place with the help of a small lock and key. The key is turned over to someone who has been designated as a Key Holder. This is the person who decides when the cage can be unlocked and the man can come out and play, so to speak.


These days, male chastity cages have taken on a new use. They are now used just for fun and games. That means that the cages are a part of some role playing or other type of sex play between couples. The man has the cage locked around his penis and is made to experience self-denial until his designated Key Holder says that he can be unlocked. Usually, this does not take place until after the Key Holder is full satisfied and is ready to allow the man to gain some sexual pleasure and release of his own. That is what the game is meant to accomplish.

Male chastity cages can be a lot of fun for couples whether they are going to have a night or weekend of fun or if they are ready to commit to the long haul of a chastity lifestyle. In fact, once some couples indulge in a little play with these cages, many of them decide to make it a way of life. There are some men who are just cut out to lead a life of chastity because they no longer have to make decisions in every part of their lives. You may want to keep these cages in mind if you and your partner are on the lookout for something just a little bit different and exciting.

Gain Serenity with Male Chastity Cages


I can tell you all about wearing male chastity cages and how it makes me feel being able to take control of that aspect of my life. I can share with you what kind of cages you should be trying out if this is your first time or if you have been wearing cages for a while and want something different. I can even tell you what kind of guy it takes to put something like this on and keep wearing it no matter what is going on in your life. But that isn’t what I am going to tell you about here.

I am going to tell you that wearing male chastity cages has brought a level of serenity to my life that I never knew existed. This is one of those things that I always thought I would never be able to experience because I had no idea that it was available. If you would have asked me a few years ago, I would have told you that I already knew what serenity was and would have sprouted off some line about a quiet walk in the woods or something. On the other hand, now I know that it’s completely different.


Serenity comes in different ways for different people, but mine was found while wearing male chastity cages. Now, this didn’t happen the first or even thirtieth time that I put on one of these cages. It was more like a gradual experience that finally hit me right in the eye one night while I was lying in bed. I suddenly realized that everything in my life was exactly the way it was supposed to be and I was happy about that. You will find all kinds of guys talking about the differences in their lives from wearing these cages but, for me; it was the acceptance of being happy that changed my life for the better. I will always credit those cages for giving me that.

Adjusting to 24 Hour Male Chastity Cages


One of the toughest things to grow accustomed to when a man first enters chastity training is wearing male chastity cages 24 hours a day 7 days a week. While it is required that these cages are worn for a significant amount of time, you might get lucky and have a professional trainer who will work with you on this. When it comes to locking a foreign object around your cock, there are going to be some issues in the beginning. The reason for that is you just are not used to having something in that part of your body all the time even when it is the correct size for you. It just will not feel “right.” In fact, this is sort of along the lines of getting used to wearing a thong. Not everyone takes to that little strip of material that will reside between their ass cheeks all day long.

On the other hand, most men who wear male chastity cages all the time have stated that it was not really all that difficult to get used to, even in the beginning. While they certainly did notice that there was something encasing their penises, it did not seem to be a painful experience for them. Actually, some of the men said that the little bit of discomfort that they experienced in the beginning felt a little pleasurable. Of course, these are men that are sort of into pain and discomfort. The point is that most men survive the initial discomfort and eventually do not notice the cages at all unless they begin to get random erections.

Speaking of random erections, the main purpose of male chastity cages is to learn how to control them. These cages fit over the penis to keep those erections at bay that the men have not received permission to have. When the fit of the cages is correct, there will only be enough discomfort to get the point across that an erection is happening that is not supposed to be. A cage that is too small might cause some injuries while a cage that is too big will probably just fall off of the penis. The main thing that you want to remember while struggling through the first week or so of wearing your first cage is that it does serve a purpose and will not be uncomfortable forever.

The Evolution of Male Chastity Cages


I have noticed the surge in male chastity designs being made over what used to be around when I got involved in chastity. It was a few decades ago that I became a part of this lifestyle and there weren’t too many options available for a guy like me. I also had to order them from a catalog through the adult store downtown. This was back when an adult store was the one place in town that you didn’t want anyone seeing you walk into. I kind of miss those days, but it is nice to have the option to order things online now.


I haven’t worn any of the newer male chastity devices as of yet and, to be honest, I am a bit nervous about that. They all seem so complicated from what I used to wear all those years ago. I know that they are supposed to be easier to get on and off these days, but to an older man like  myself; it doesn’t look that easy. I think it might have to do with so many different options as to why they look so complicated. Back when you only had a choice between like ten different devices, they all looked pretty similar but not anymore.

I am excited to think that there are more guys wearing male chastity devices these days, though. Back in the day, I was pretty sure that no one in the town I lived in wore anything like this. I figure that if they did, then there would be some of them in the adult store where I shopped. But with all the options that you can find online, I know that there are plenty of guys in the world wearing them now. It just really amazes me that something I felt inclined to keep secret is now so wide spread.