Buying New Male Chastity Cages


I recently purchased a couple of new male chastity cages and can’t wait to try them. I have worn the same old cage for the last five years and I am looking forward to trying out some of the new designs. I never really paid much attention to the designs of these cages after I bought my first one. I figured they would all be pretty much the same thing and I wouldn’t need to buy a new one at all. But after getting curious and looking around, I saw that I was completely wrong on that account.

The new male chastity cages might look relatively the same to the untrained eye, but there are a lot of differences in these designs if you know what to look for. Take a look at a basic cage and then compare it to a more advanced cage and you will immediately see a difference. That advanced cage might have some studs or spikes on the inside of it to enforce that no erection rule. That might not be something you want to try out for your first chastity run-through. I know I wouldn’t want to try something like that even after being involved in chastity for five years.

The fact that there are this many differences in male chastity cages makes me think that there are a lot more guys wearing them than they ever did in the past. I feel that this is a good thing because it forces designers to continue to push the limits of what a typical chastity cage looks like. With this kind of development comes the possibility that a cage design that will suit everyone’s needs will come to fruition someday. I just hope that I am still around and wearing a chastity cage when that particular design comes out. I think it will be a major breakthrough for guys that enjoy the chaste lifestyle.

Careful Shopping for Male Chastity Cages

Careful Shopping for Male Chastity Cages
A lot of male chastity cages being sold these days are crafted for the guy that is willing to go the distance with his chastity lifestyle. These devices can be worn for days on end and feel just as comfortable as the first day you ever put them on. However, there are some on the market that will not provide you with that type of high quality. You have to be very careful about what you are buying when you start looking for cages to replace the one you have been wearing forever and a day.

You may think that going with one of those cheap male chastity cages will make things a lot easier on you in the long run, but they won’t. Sure, you may be able to save a little bit of money right there and then, but how much money are you going to be spending later on in order to buy another one? Even worse, if you buy one that has a defect in it that ends up causing you some kind of rash or awkward pain and you need to see a doctor to fix it? Things like this are certainly possible when you start looking for discount cages in order to save a buck or two.
I always try my best to make sure the male chastity cages that I buy are of the highest quality. I don’t want cheap materials and cheap construction when it comes to a cage that I am locking over the most important part of my anatomy. I would think that all the other guys in the world that are involved in male chastity would feel the same way as I do, but that isn’t what happens. I read a story almost every day where some guy bought a cheap cage and ended up having some kind of major issue with it. Do your best to not be that guy and buy higher quality items. It is worth the extra money and effort.

The Right Way to Use Male Chastity Cages


Wearing different male chastity cages can seem like a fun thing to do, but you have to really think something like this through a bit. Changing out a cage can be exciting for any guy in this lifestyle as long as you do not try to do it too quickly. You need to give yourself some time to grow accustomed to the cage you are already wearing. I know guys that will buy three or four devices at the same time and want to change them out every couple of hours. That is not how you take chastity seriously and it is not a healthy action.


Once you start swapping out male chastity cages on a regular basis you aren’t exactly living a chaste lifestyle. Sure, you might not be having sex or even getting an erection so technically you are chaste. But by not allowing your body to get used to the cage you have on and focusing more on picking out different designs and changing those out; you have lost the basics behind the lifestyle you have chosen. I’m not saying you can’t live your life this way, but it loses all meaning to being chaste if that is the way you are viewing your new lifestyle.

I have two or three male chastity cages myself and I like changing them out from time to time but it is usually months between changes for me. I like being able to get used to what I am wearing to the point where I completely forget that I am wearing it before I start changing out to different designs. This helps me focus on the chaste lifestyle that I want to live and not all the cool styles that are available. I might look online once or twice a year to see what new styles are coming out and that is about it.

Male Chastity Cages and Self-Control


There are a lot of men that have issues with erections getting out of control while they are in public. Most guys won’t acknowledge these issues and will, instead, feel ashamed of it when it does happen. But if they were to look into male chastity cages, they would see that there are ways of taking back their control. Of course you will have to convince yourself that wearing one of these cages is going to be a good thing for you since they don’t really look all that sexy to most guys. Just the thought of locking your cock into a cage is obviously not sexy at all. That is, until you really start to think about it.

The good news, though, is that the new designs in male chastity cages are getting sexier by the day. A few decades ago it would have been impossible for me to wear something like this because they looked like some kind of medieval torture device that you had to wear around in public. After all, the female chastity belt was invented during medieval times to keep women faithful while their men were off fighting battles. Now, these cages are small and contoured in a way that makes them relatively unnoticeable to anyone that might be walking by you on the street. When you add in the control that they can give you; it becomes a win/win situation for any guy.


Since I have been wearing male chastity cages, I haven’t had any issues with uncontrollable erections ruining my day. Actually, that isn’t exactly true since I did have one erection the first time I ever wore one of these cages. But I wasn’t embarrassed because everyone noticed that I was getting an erection. Instead, it was rather painful as the cage stopped the erection from happening, which is how I ended up learning self-control on the spur of the moment. I did have to waddle into a bathroom before screaming, which might have made people look at me a bit strangely, but I haven’t had that happen since that first time. Rather I now enjoy wearing my cage and appreciate all of the benefits it offers to me.

Learning Restraint from Male Chastity Cages


Male chastity cages have become rather popular throughout the last few years as the lifestyle of chastity has become more and more practiced all over the world. Those people not indoctrinated in this community may not even be familiar with the term or understand what the cages are. Certainly, they will not understand the purpose of these cages, either. If someone were to explain to the uninformed that chastity cages are used to teach specific behaviors in men; that might be even more confusing. On the other hand, if the reason that these cages are used were to be explained clearly; the confusion would most likely be cleared right up.


To begin with, men tend to be rather self-centered and selfish creatures especially when it comes to sex. If you happen to find the rare male animal that puts his partner’s satisfaction before his own; then you are a lucky person indeed. However, for the most part, men need to be trained with male chastity cages in order to learn self-discipline. These cages train men in how to control random erections, which takes care of those nightclub hookups in the bathroom stalls. They also train men in not reaching an orgasm too quickly; certainly not ahead of their partners. In fact, erections are pretty difficult to happen at all when the cages are in place. Of course, that is the whole point of using them.

The way that male chastity cages work is in the bars that cover the penis. Anytime a man begins to get an erection, these little cage bars begin to dig into his penis. Most people would agree that this type of sensation will go a long way to discouraging the stiffening of the penis. It is sort of a psychological as well as physical exercise when it comes to controlling erections. Once that discomfort from the cage bars is set in the minds of the men experiencing it, they will be reminded of it each time they begin to feel an erection starting whether they are wearing the cages or not. That is where the control comes into play. Soon, the men using these cages will have complete control of when they have erections as well as when they reach orgasm.

Are Male Chastity Cages Necessary


Male chastity cages have always been a staple in the world of chastity. Granted, they do seem to speed along the process, but one cannot help but wonder if these cages are actually needed in order to indoctrinate someone successfully into the life of chastity. With all of the various methods to train someone in the chaste lifestyle, it might seem as if a true professional chastity trainer might not need cages to get the point across. Maybe the cages are a bit of overkill when you think about it. After all, if a guy is already doing everything that he is told to do, why does he even need a cage locked in place over his penis?

Professionals probably have the best answer of why male chastity cages are useful in training a man in how to live a chaste life. The real reason is most likely because a penis that is not locked away is going to be one that is constantly having random erections or experiencing orgasms when they are not supposed to be doing so. That is why the cages come in quite handy. Men may have the right idea when it comes to learning how to please before being pleased. On the other hand, those penises very often have ideas of their own. For instance, when a man spots that hot woman wearing less material than a bikini at a bar and she seems willing, he is probably going to go for it. However, if he has a cage locked around his penis, he has no choice except to behave himself.


Male chastity cages are the best way to insure that guys learn how to control the urges of their penises. They may still feel that burst of desire at inappropriate times, but with that cage in place; those desires are squelched almost instantly due to the bars of the little cage digging into the suddenly erect flesh. It offers a great deal of control and prevents men from acting on these impulses. It is especially effective when there is a punishment in place for the men who disobey the rule of the cages.