Gaining Self- Control with Male Chastity Cages

  If you have been wearing your male chastity cages the way you are supposed to, then you should have close to full control over your cock by now. Although it really depends on how long you have been involved in chastity, but there is a good chance that even after a couple of weeks, […]

Taking Your Time with Male Chastity Cages

  I love wearing male chastity cages, but I wish someone would make a design that didn’t take so long to get my body into. Not that I am complaining or anything. Part of the fun in the beginning was taking the time to lock myself into the cage. However, now it seems like it […]

Male Chastity Cages are Routine Devices

  Male chastity cages are devices that are never going to be matched when it comes to keeping men on that straight and narrow. You see, there are just very few items that can effectively discourage men from getting those random erections that tend to get them into so much trouble. Cages and sheaths are […]