Male Chastity Cages Addiction


Taking the leap to wear male chastity cages is something that I haven’t regretted yet. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to live with them at first but, after a few days; it seemed like this was the exact thing I had been missing in my life. After five years of wearing them I can’t recall what it was like to not have a cage locked in place. It really is funny how the small things in life can change your attitude. I’m just thankful that my attitude was changed in a positive manner because of a small metal cage locked over my cock.

There are a lot of male chastity cages for you to choose from these days and I would take a decent amount of time looking them over if I were you. After all, this isn’t something you will want to rush into. I spent almost a month looking through as many different designs as I could find online before picking out my first cage. You may not want to wait that long to pick out yours but I would highly suggest it. This way you will know just how serious you are about wearing something of this nature all the time.


Just be aware that once you start wearing the first of your male chastity cages you are going to want to wear even more of them. I have heard people comparing it to getting a tattoo, in a manner of speaking. Once you get one tattoo, you will immediately want to get more of them as they are addicting. The chastity cage is the same way except you want to see how other designs fit and whether or not it will give you any more control over the design you are already wearing. I have spent a lot of money because of this aspect and you will too if you aren’t careful. The thing to remember above all is to take your cage commitment seriously or it is all meaningless.

Adjusting to the Fit of Male Chastity Cages


Wearing male chastity cages is all about the ability of the guy wearing them to blend into society. After all, there are only so many ways you can walk around with a cage locked over your cock before people start questioning why you are walking funny. I had to go through that a couple of times when I first started wearing my cages around outside of my home. People had no idea what was going on under my pants, but they could tell that I was doing my best to get used to the way the cage was fitting. I just had to play along with it and tell them it was an old injury acting up again.

I will say that there are some male chastity cages available on the market these days that fit perfectly fine for beginners. In fact, I just bought a new one that seems to be the best fitting design I have ever tried. I didn’t have one single moment where I was uncomfortable while wearing it and that is saying something for me. I am always uncomfortable when I first try out a new design that I am not used to wearing. But things have apparently changed since I started wearing these cages.


If you ever find yourself walking funny while wearing one of your new male chastity cages; just go with it. Don’t try to hide it in the least. People will stare at you a bit and might ask if you are doing okay. If that happens, just tell them you are fine. There is no reason to try and hide the fact that you are limping or sitting down gingerly when you have something like this on anyway. You will get used to the way it fits soon enough and they won’t notice it anymore. Just don’t go on a rampage and rip your pants off to show them why you are walking like that and you will be fine.

Collecting Male Chastity Cages


Even though there is a main purpose for male chastity cages, many men have taken up the hobby of collecting them. It might seem like an odd thing to collect, but the men that maintain these rather unique collections seem to really enjoy showing them off to visitors in their homes. Just imagine yourself attending a dinner party at someone’s home. At some point in the evening, the guests are offered a tour of the host’s home. As they are guided through the various rooms, they eventually come to a rather formal room that have glass cases standing floor to ceiling. In these cases are various items that do not seem familiar at all. Will anyone be brave enough to ask the question that everyone there is wondering?

Actually, the question may not even need to be asked. The host just might be savvy enough to see the huge question mark on all the faces of the guests and will offer the explanation that these are male chastity cages. It is also quite possible that, if the guests did not recognize what these devices are, they will have no clue as in what context they are used. The host will explain that these are used for men much in the same way that long ago medieval chastity belts were used for women. They were meant to keep these maidens chaste while their men were gone away to fight various battles.  It was discovered on more than one occasion that the fair maidens managed to get around the intent of these chastity devices. It is a little harder for men to get away with anything naughty, though.

Male chastity cages can really be an ice breaker at gatherings such as these. Many times the atmosphere is too stuffy and boring, but when the host hauls out the cages for everyone to ogle, things can liven up quite a bit. Most likely, there will be plenty of questions and the answers to those questions will probably have everyone laughing and relaxed. At the end of the evening, it might well be said that those cages made the dinner party an unqualified success.

Male Chastity Cages as a Unique Fraternity Pledge Game


Everyone who has ever attended a large university and has been a pledge for a sorority or fraternity knows how wild those tests and games can get. Have you ever thought about using male chastity cages as part of one of those tasks?  Just consider it for a second before scoffing at the idea. Think of how awful most of those pledge tasks are and you will see how perfectly that these cages can fit into the grand scheme of things. If they can make the guys do something like wearing women’s lingerie on the outside of their clothes in public or dress up like a woman including wigs and makeup, wouldn’t you think that making them wear little cages locked over their penises might be even funnier?


Now, take that idea a bit further and think about the various ways that these male chastity cages could be used. Granted, there are probably school policies that would prevent the forcing of these guys to keep their cage enclosed penises on display. However, there are always plenty of different methods to employ when you truly want to accomplish something.  There is no reason that it cannot be worn as an adornment at a frat house party. Everyone knows what goes on at those events!  These cages can even be accessorized with a dog collar and leash. The full members of the fraternity could then lead these guys around on their leashes at the party.

Something else that might be fun when using male chastity cages as a fraternity pledge item is to have the guys trotting around wearing only a cage and Gstring. These guys will be serving drinks, food or anything else that the party guests might want or need. There can even be a little phrase that the pledges are required to recite to the guests. Then use all of the pledges to perform a singing and dancing floorshow while wearing their cages. It will be a party that everyone will talk about for years to come!

Male Chastity Cages and Gaining Serenity


I have been wearing male chastity cages for a long time now, and I can’t think of how my life would be without them. I used to wonder what I was doing with my life by getting involved in something like this in the past, but all that is behind me. Those first couple of weeks were agonizing for me in ways most people just couldn’t understand. Thankfully, I was able to stick out the entire length of time and now my life is coming up roses, locked up inside a small metal cage all safe and sound.

Getting involved with male chastity cages has shown me that there is much more to life than just having sex all the time. I used to go out on the weekends with the intent of having as much sex as possible, but now, I am looking for fun and companionship. All that sex was great and everything, but the friends that I have made since wearing my cage has shown me what I had been missing out on. You wouldn’t even believe the adventures that I have been on since I started wearing my cages, even if I had pictures and video to go along with the stories.

I love my male chastity cages and I think any guy that is looking to change things up in his life should give them a try. You never realize just how many things pass you by until you are able to stop for a minute and reflect on your own life. These cages have given me the opportunity to do just that and I am ever grateful to the designers for providing me with that opportunity. I just have to figure out what new designs I am going to be wearing so that I can live a long and happy life with my cage.

Cock Cages for all!

The Simplicity of Male Chastity Cages

You may wonder what the big deal of male chastity cages really is when it comes to the life of a chastity man. Actually, they are quite a huge part of the effectiveness of the overall chastity success. The best thing about these cages is the simplicity of them. Even a monkey can figure out how to put them on and remove them when needed. However, human men need a little help in the area of self-discipline as this is primarily what the cages are meant to teach. That is why they typically have someone in their lives known as their Key Holder. This is the person who keeps control of the key to the cage. In that way, men cannot just take off these cages whenever they feel like it. They must remain in the cages until they have earned the right to have them removed.

There is truly nothing complicated about male chastity cages. They are essentially little cages constructed from various types of materials that fits over your penis in such a way as to discourage an erection. You see, these cages are meant to cause some discomfort each time your penis gets hard. It will become larger and the bars of the cage will begin to dig into your flesh. The larger your penis grows the more painful those little bars become. When that pain sets in, for most men the urge for an erection begins to fade and your penis will return to its normal flaccid shape. The only problem with this is when a man is really into pain. In those cases, cages might not be the answer.

IMG_4221 Male pussy transformation

At any rate, male chastity cages were never meant to be difficult to understand or to use. Once you have one placed over your penis, you have taken the first step to turning your life around. You have chosen to care about your partner or spouse or just anyone you happen to be devoted to being with. The chastity cage is the guaranteed way to make that happen by turning you into a selfless individual who wants to make sure his partner is always well-pleased.

Are You Strong Enough for Male Chastity Cages


Many men have the wrong idea about male chastity cages. They believe that men who wear these or allow themselves to be locked into them are just sissies of some kind and make terrible fun of them. These men could not be further from the truth. In reality, men that wear chastity cages are among some of the strongest walking around on the earth. The reason for their strength is that they have recognized that they need some help in the self-control area of their lives. They understand that they have been a bit self-centered when it comes to making sure that they are pleased at all times, especially when it comes to sex.

You see, most men do not understand what it means to hold back when they are in a sexual encounter with their partners. Male chastity cages go a long way in teaching this particular skill. The way that these cages work is to discourage random erections, which also teaches the art of being able to delay an orgasm until they have pleased their partners completely. Most of the time, men in chastity cages are instructed to keep them on while the sexual encounter is going on so that they are not able to reach an orgasm. Everyone knows that the majority of men come and go. To explain a bit better, they have their orgasm and roll over to go to sleep. Many times this happens while their partners are still left unsatisfied and made to take matters into their own hands.

Male chastity cages teach men how to control themselves when it comes to sexual encounters. Men wearing cages understand the true nature of pleasing their partners and come to appreciate the fact that the cages have provided that knowledge and skill to them. Not only that, they know that once they have totally fulfilled their partners’ sexual needs, they will be allowed to remove their cages and be treated to a little fun themselves. In fact, most men have stated that their orgasms are even more intense now that they are made to keep them at bay. Sadly, there are still a lot of men in the world that do not see the benefit of these cages. What about you? Are you brave enough to give them a try?