Male Chastity Cages Addiction

  Taking the leap to wear male chastity cages is something that I haven’t regretted yet. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to live with them at first but, after a few days; it seemed like this was the exact thing I had been missing in my life. After five years of […]

Adjusting to the Fit of Male Chastity Cages

  Wearing male chastity cages is all about the ability of the guy wearing them to blend into society. After all, there are only so many ways you can walk around with a cage locked over your cock before people start questioning why you are walking funny. I had to go through that a couple […]

Collecting Male Chastity Cages

  Even though there is a main purpose for male chastity cages, many men have taken up the hobby of collecting them. It might seem like an odd thing to collect, but the men that maintain these rather unique collections seem to really enjoy showing them off to visitors in their homes. Just imagine yourself […]

Male Chastity Cages as a Unique Fraternity Pledge Game

  Everyone who has ever attended a large university and has been a pledge for a sorority or fraternity knows how wild those tests and games can get. Have you ever thought about using male chastity cages as part of one of those tasks?  Just consider it for a second before scoffing at the idea. […]

Cock Cages for all!

The Simplicity of Male Chastity Cages You may wonder what the big deal of male chastity cages really is when it comes to the life of a chastity man. Actually, they are quite a huge part of the effectiveness of the overall chastity success. The best thing about these cages is the simplicity of them. […]

Are You Strong Enough for Male Chastity Cages

  Many men have the wrong idea about male chastity cages. They believe that men who wear these or allow themselves to be locked into them are just sissies of some kind and make terrible fun of them. These men could not be further from the truth. In reality, men that wear chastity cages are […]