Male Chastity Cages Can Make You a New Man


If you are new to the whole idea of chastity, then you are probably not all that familiar with male chastity cages. These nifty little devices are one of the first things that you need to become acquainted with as they are the things that will turn you into an entirely new man by the end of the training process. Cages are usually the first device that men try out when they decide to take chastity for a spin. They are easy to understand and to use. In addition, they are very effective for something so basic. Chastity cages are a very simple idea that came from the female chastity belts that were developed centuries ago. They were meant for maidens to wear while their knights went off to fight wars. It was meant to keep them from giving into temptation while their men were gone.

Obviously, male chastity cages needed to be fashioned in a different manner than those belts that women used to wear. The cages are made to fit right over a man’s penis and then, it is locked into place. The tiny bars on these cages prohibit the penis from having a random erection or one that is not allowed. Once the penis begins to stiffen and become erect, the bars start to dig into the hardening flesh. This will deter any further rising to whatever occasion was providing the excitement. The key to these cages are given to a trusted individual for safe keeping and to keep men from giving into the temptation of unlocking it and having a bit of fun.


Male chastity cages are, however, only as effective as their correct fit. Cages that are too small carry the risk of hurting you pretty badly. Certainly, you will not be able to get an erection with those little bars pressing into your penis, but these cages might turn you into a new man or a eunuch. Cages that are too large for you may as well not be worn at all because your penis will be able to become erect any time it pleases. To become the kind of man that you can be proud of, be sure that your cage fits you perfectly.

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