Male Chastity Cages Are Built for Endurance


When men turn to a chaste life, one of the first things that they get are male chastity cages. The reason for this is because they are a mainstay for a successful chastity experience. They keep men from succumbing to those pesky random erections that always seem to keep popping up no matter how determined men are to keep them away. These miniature replicas of cages made to be locked around a man’s penis. The key is then turned over to someone who acts as the Key Holder so that the man will not give into temptation and unlock his cage for an experience that is not approved. This is the way to keep him in line.


Sorry no models today just me being a sissy wearing a fem style vagina swimsuit by Koalaswim

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Due to the importance of the function of male chastity cages, they are built for endurance. Typically, these cages are constructed of a strong metal of some sort so that they will not come apart easily or at all when put under stress. You might be thinking at this point that you would never do anything like try to pry that cage off of your penis for any reason. You may think that you will be a good boy and follow all the rules of the chastity lifestyle; and that may be what you believe. The problem is that you are thinking that while your penis is not aroused. But just wait until a situation arises that causes your penis to also rise.

The keys that fit these all-important male chastity cages will keep them locked until you have the permission of your Key Holder to give your penis a break. The reason that keys are all you need to make sure that you behave is that the materials that they are made from are strong enough to keep you from cheating by trying to simply rip it apart to get it off of your penis. In the end, you will be quite relieved that they are so strong because you will feel quite guilty that you were so disobedient.


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