The Variety of Male Chastity Cages

  Looking at the different male chastity cages that are available online, I have noticed that the basic principal in the designs are the same. They may change materials or styles, but the aspect of having some kind of a cage aspect still remains. Of course you will have some that are cylindrical tubes with […]

The Difficulty with Male Chastity Cages

  Using male chastity cages can be quite difficult for some guys out there. I know this because I am an ER nurse and I have seen what some guys have tried. After all, there are warning labels on things like hair dryers for a reason. Being a male nurse that wears a chastity cage […]

The Male Chastity Cages Collector

  I met a rather interesting woman not long ago with a very different sort of hobby. She is a collector of male chastity cages and her collection is probably worth hundreds of thousands of dollars; maybe even more than that. She has chastity cages that date back to the very beginning of the first […]